• Sponsor 2022
    Also for 2022 we will be alongside the Team "SIC58 Squadra Corse"
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  • Sponsor 2021
    The Sponsorship of Team Paolo Simoncelli "Sic 58 Squadra Corse" continues also for 2021.
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  • TESTIMONIAL Camilla Bilancioni
    To represent our Jewels we have chosen a Mediterranean beauty linked to our territory @camillabilancioni
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  • Sponsor 2020
    Very happy to renew for 2020 our support to the Team of Paolo Simoncelli SIC 58 Team Racing
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  • 30 Years together!
    This year we celebrate 30 years of activity, a special thanks to all the customers who have accompanied us to This day.
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  • Sponsor 2019
    Proud to announce that again this year we will Sponsor the Team of Paolo Simoncelli "SIC 58 squadra corse " Who sees them engaged in the Championship Moto GP in Moto3, and CEV - ETC, But also in the new Championship MOTO E.
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  • Sponsor 2018
    Team "Sic58 squadra corse"
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  • Everyone at work
    Technical tests for the next world championship
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  • Team presentation 2018
    20 february 2018 presentation of new livery
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  • BRACELET Sic 58 squadra Corse
    One day we turn on the desire that we could accomplish something exclusive for the Team SIC 58 Squadra Corse!!!
    And the idea took shape.....

    A man and woman bracelet in silver 925% with enamels

    A few days ago is also available for all fans in all circuits of Moto GP and Online, (official merchandising Sic 58 Squadra Corse - Group Pritelli reacing), the Museum of Sic in Coriano in Rimini and the best Jewelers.

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  • VICENZA ORO Settembre 2018
    We will be present at the Fair in Vicenza
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    A Jewel in Silver 925% with enamels and black leather in Limited Edition.
    Only 58 pieces for this elegant bracelet created for the MotoGP championship that will be run in Misano Adriatico, all numbered and engraved!
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